Accommodation at the Doctors House

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Hesteyri is an old fishing village in the nature reserve Hornstrandir which is on the furthest point of the northwest of Iceland.

The area is known for its rugged and steep landscape and moos covered valleys and stony tablelands. 
A large colony of seabirds nests. Hornstrandir is also known as a common hunting ground for polar foxes. The nature is almost untouched by people. 
The village’s prime time was 100 years ago but in 1952 the last residents left. The ruin of the old whaling station is a reminder of the good old times. Today there are still 10 houses in the original style and being used as summerhouses. 

You can only travel by boat to Hesteyri. From the middle of June till the end of August tourists and hikers can take boats from Isafjörður to Hesteyri. 
Hesteyri is the most popular place for hikers to start their hicking trips around or throughout the nature reserve Hornstrandir. 
A visit to Hesteyri with its outstanding unique untouched nature is like taking a tour to the last century.

The doctor’s house was built in 1901 and has been a guesthouse with 
accommodation for 16 guests since 1997. 
There are 3 bedrooms with total of 16 beds and 1 restroom and a shower on the first floor. Guests bring sleeping bags. We also offer bedding for 2000.-kr.
On the ground floor are living rooms which guests have usage of in the 
mornings and evenings, but during the afternoons, these become the Café rooms. 
Please note that all guests are required to bring their own sleeping bags and 

In our Café travelers and hikers can take a moment and relax in a pleasant family atmosphere and sample some of the traditional Icelandic dishes, which consist of the famously renowned pancakes and freshly grounded coffee. Or as personal tip, try Birna´s fish soup.


Season: June, July & August 2019

Price: 20.000 ISK per person. Children younger that 12 years get 50% discount.

Included: Buffet breakfast and an dinner.

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